More and more I’ve realised how essential a proper writing space is in the great chasm that is being a writer. When I lived back home and was finishing off my first novel, I had a beautiful old mahogany desk to work at. The desk was my grandfather’s, who was an editor and I felt so good about writing down my story while sitting at that desk. It was positioned in front of the bay window in my house, in the room my mum and I dubbed ‘the library room’ because it also housed five floor to ceiling shelves full of our books. The room was great for fueling my inspiration, being able to look out the window everyday and watch the world pass buy as I wrote. The months I spent at home that winter was the first time I’d had an official writing space, somewhere I could wake up and go to each morning. Those months were the only time I’ve been disciplined enough to write each day, to work consistently and come out with a finished product.

Since I moved to Belfast and started working I’ve struggled with finding the time to buckle down and write. I’ve also been feeling more on edge because I haven’t had that dedicated time. Lately, in the past few weeks or so, I’ve finally been able to have a bit more time for my work and its only made me crave more. My dream is to be able to construct my days around my writing work. To wake up each morning, make myself a nice cup of tea and sit down at my laptop, open that word document and type my heart out.

I live in a house with two other flatmates and because it’s a shared house of course you can’t do things up the way you might like or create that designated space. My room also isn’t big enough to fit a desk.

I’ve been writing in bed, which is fine at first but isn’t great for my concentration when my cozy pillows are whispering my name and tugging me back into sleepyville. I’ve tried coffee shops, but it’s an effort to lug your laptop, plug and notes to a coffee place and have to tune out the noise. I know what works for me and what doesn’t, but I need to find that balance again.

I’ve always dreamed about what my future office might look like. I used to imagine it with dark woods and a fireplace and cozy leather armchairs to sit in. Now I imagine it lighter, a room that has ample light and windows with a great view. I want bookshelves on one wall, my desk facing the windows, comfy cozy chairs for visitors to sit in or for me if I just want to take a break from the desk.


I can’t wait to have a writing room of my own again!


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