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I absolutely adore autumn. It is by far by favourite season and October would be one of my favourite months! I’m a person who loves atmosphere, especially as a writer. I especially love those cool crisp mornings when the sun is shining through the blue clouds and the leaves are turning from that delicate yellow to amber and orange. I love the transition into winter, the slow progression from the hot days of summer to the colder days of winter. I love cuddling up in cozy jumpers and pulling out my lovely boots. And let’s not forget the brilliance that is Thanksgiving and Turkey Time.

I haven’t been back home in Canada during the fall for about two years and am really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving and my favourite season at home. I live in a really great neighbourhood where there are tons of old maple trees just waiting to drop their coloured leaves. I live not far from the Gatineau hills, which let me tell you are amazing this time of year, and not far from many great city walks. I’m looking forward to apple picking and those lovely cinnamoney mini donuts you get afterwards. Freshly baked apple pies and hot chocolate. So much to look forward to, not the least of which is settling down with some good books!

I have a great local library at home which stocks all the latest books as soon as they come out and plan to renew my library card as soon as I get off the plane…or at least within a few days of landing. I’ll then be curly up on my couch and settling in to some good stories.

These are the books I’m most looking forward to reading:


I want to do a re-read of Anna and the French Kiss before reading the latest Stephanie Perkins book so I can refresh my memory on the characters, so there’s one more book to add to the list :P. I’ll also be a busy beaver most of September and October settling into the move back home and doing some minor renos on the house so we’ll see how many of these books I actually get through before I go into winter hibernation. But here’s hoping I at least get a few under my belt!

So what are your most anticipate autumn reads?


2 thoughts on “Autumn TBR List

  1. Those fall pictures are perfection. ❤
    Reading in the fall is THE BEST. My absolute favourite is curling up on a rainy fall evening, leaving the window open so the smell of the rain trickles in, and reading something a little eerie. SO GOOD!
    Can't wait to have you back in good ol' Eh-town :).

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