Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, I majored in Creative Writing and did a minor in Irish Studies at Concordia university in Montreal, Quebec.

I moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2011 and spent a year at Trinity College Dublin pursuing my Masters degree in Creative Writing. I then moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2013 where I lived for two years before once again returning to Ottawa, Ontario.

Currently back living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, it seems I’m destined to always want to be in two places at once!

I completed my first novel, a project I had been working on since I first conceived the idea eight years ago in 2013 and am now working on a new series of books set in Northern Ireland.

Writer, reader, blogger.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Jasmine, I’m so sorry I never responded to your message. I haven’t been active on my blog in a number of months and so missed this message when you first sent it. I hope you found other book bloggers to review your work! Best, Yaseena

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